We’re Having a Good Time With That Goat, Wish You Were Here: Decadence With Adam Parfrey and Peter Sotos

In The Quimby's Bookstore Podcast episode #8, we have two interviews. The first one is with Adam Parfrey, publisher of Feral House and Process Books, which comprise some of the books Quimby's carries that have to do with miscreants, mayhem, outer limits, conspiracy theory and the occult like Apocalypse Culture vols 1 and 2, American Hardcore: A Tribal History, Cult Rapture: Revelations of the Apocalyptic Mind and more. Specifically in this interview, Parfrey talks about Ritual America: Secret Brotherhoods and Their Influence on American Society: A Visual Guide, which he wrote with Craig Heimbichner. It's a beautiful, scrapbooky-ish title with hundreds of images regarding secret societies like the Freemasons and Oddfellows. There's ads for things like Masonic supply companies, cartoons lampooning Masonic "ritual" and more. We talked with Parfrey about he difference between cults and religions, the fine line between frat and subculture, the forces of sex and death how people just want to belong to something, and the burning question: "Shriners: philanthoropists or sadistic clowns?".

Here's the Freemason symbol (yeah, yeah, we know you know what it is -- it's just that we referenced it in the interview and said we would post it):

The second interview in this episode is with Peter SotosFeral House published the book Pure Filth, which Sotos edited. It's an annotated collection of transcripts culled and transcribed by Sotos, from the underground pornography films of the late Jamie Gillis (who whom Sotos was friends with). Gillis was a primary performer in pornography’s “Golden Age,” and is known for inventing the “gonzo” genre of porn, played out in the film Boogie Nights by Burt Reynolds’ character, who was based on Gillis. The work of extreme novelist Peter Sotos focuses on criminal psychology, sexual abjection, and the myriad aspects of pornography. He's the author of 11 published novels, including Index, Selfish, Little: The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey. His writing has appeared in ANSWER Me!, Apocalypse Culture II, Funeral Party, and Ritual Sex. Recently his books Tool and Mine were reprinted simultaneously by Nine-banded Books.

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Feral House Books available from quimbys.com (...and we have more at our brick and mortar store)

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"Freimaurer Kantata" by Mozart (He was a Freemason, duh)
"The Snow" by COIL


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